Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One of my Fave things to create

I've put together here quite a few Artist Trading Cards I've created in the last week. Just a hoppity, skippity to do them. It's linking themes together and putting shapes and colours in an attractive fashion I find.

Friday, October 16, 2009

2 Cards - Put Together & Serendipity

The card on the left is just a "put together" piece - even some thin leather strap which I happen to have.

Below is a Birthday Card "Serendipity" - a technique where lots of colours you like are torn off and put on one sheet. Then I have stamped them and cut them into squares and stuck them on a black background on a card. Easy Done. The tearing of papers to put on the sheet would be the longest amount of time.

Compost Activator

Here is comfrey we have easily grown in the past and used as a compost activater.  I've not only put it within the compost heap but soaked it for three weeks in buckets to use as a fertiliser.  It's roots grow a long way down (try and dig it out and you find this).  It gains it's nutrients apparently by this deep rooting of the plant. It is said to be a very basic need of growing an organic garden.  The plant is said to be a weed barrier since it is very invasive. Here we put it on the other side of logs we had framing our herb and vegetable garden. The sub-tropical area we were at - means it grew very hardy.

Well worn Kitchen Cabinet & spruced up Chair

Another Unit to be given a thorough renovation and set in place in the dining room. Lines will have to be painted on the window panes. New door knobs will be needed. Maybe a pale shade of pink, cream, white or lilac..what about a sage green? Never can tell what my husband presents before me in the colour range I am to choose from.

Here is the cupboard spruced up... Tez has the uncanny knack of making items look extra tidy.  Blue was 
the colour of the day - so it was put to good affect! 

The timber look chair is now repaired and shows a heavy shade of Lilac. Sweet! It's nice collecting sad forgotten chairs. Lovely to give them a new lease of life.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Timber Chair for a Make over

Another wooden chair that needs some bits and pieces extra to make it whole and sturdy.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New life for an old Chair

After some keen work at stripping a few layers of old paint, it's out with the paint brush and both of us have a go at the"spiffy" new look. We chose a soft pink look ready to add around our table. All chairs will give our table setting an individual look.