Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coming up to Spring - Growth and A Changing Landscape

Here a Picture I've taken of the same section of our backyard - shows more transformation.  Working steadily towards copying a Grove set-out.  Will slowly be doing things with the greenery as it comes together.  I don't like to see metal at all if possible in a backyard and work towards covering it. Love clay, timber and rock. Look foward to my cousin flying over from the West to stay with us in a month's time.  Will enjoy immensely comparing ideas and sharing "garden experience". So love the Garden.... 

Some of the Vegetables and Herbs at their Spring-time best.  I estimate it takes a few years to bring soil up to it's maximum potential.  Each season is a further learning experience.  Not only can climates, soil, aspect, seeds and rainfall all be different - I bet your mood affects the garden too!...(Smiling here). I wasn't totally happy with the Rainbow Chard - bought from a lady who raised the seed for the markets. The leaf turned under a little.  I watch for things like that - can be a sign of certain deficiencies in the plant.   I will send away for more Heirloom varieties but have my "ear to the ground" to use seed handed down through families. Since this photo was taken in September I have put in some seedlings from "Diggers".  I have an old 1996 catalogue of theirs - that I have hung on to for the interesting information along with seed details.   I have been given and purchased seedlings that noone else would want - purely to work with them in my "Plant Hospital" and watch their growth whether facing north/south or east/west and other factors to see how I can bring out their best.

 Here is the start of the set-out for my Australian Rockery.  My darling yesterday dug up the abstract shape of Australia for me.  This week he had put in the posts at the end of the path-way for a Gateway. My bro-in-law has nicknamed through the gateway as the "Garden of Eden". 

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