Sunday, February 13, 2011

Middle Summer for the end part of our "Grove"

This is the final piece of our Grove which has been filled in.  Tomato bushes are in the foreground. In the middle we have a walkway with pine posts and a shadecloth covering the "roof". In the background in front of the pale blue shadcloth is our Map of Australia rockery.  It is filled with succulents including my much loved Aloe Vera.  We use this diligently on any skin spots and to nourish the skin.  When working at our previous local hospital I happen to read an article in the magazines we sold.  It talked of using Aloe Vera as a sunscreen if needed. In the foreground the garden bed on the right will be turned into a "sunken garden". This is to conserve moisture in the "hot" weather and allow a lower temperature.  It will also protect plant roots. Berms will be on the sides firm enough to catch any rain water.  A Berm can be made from clay and is a narrow ledge either on an up or down slope. We will also place a sunken garden on the far fence pictured.  I'm planning to put in a lime or lemon tree and also a pomengranate tree as well.

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